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L & B Antiques
312 W Main St
Phone: 281-470-8533
L Mart Intl Inc
12204 W Fairmont Pkwy
Phone: 281-474-2431
La Car Porte
10701 W Fairmont Pkwy
Phone: 281-471-7876
La Petite Academy
10001 W Main St
Phone: 281-471-6737
La Petite Academy
8414 Spencer Hwy
Phone: 281-479-6125
La Porte Animal Control
1201 S 4th St
Phone: 281-471-3810
La Porte Auto Sales
200 W Fairmont Pkwy
Phone: 281-470-2101
La Porte Auto Salvage
1102 N Broadway St
Phone: 281-471-4285
La Porte Bayshore Garden Club
1002 S Kansas St
Phone: 281-471-9826
La Porte Care Ctr
208 S Utah St
Phone: 281-471-1810
La Porte City Ambulance
12201 N C St
Phone: 281-471-9244
La Porte City Attorney
702 W Fairmont Pkwy
Phone: 281-471-1886
La Porte City Fire Dept
124 S 2nd St
Phone: 281-471-5020
La Porte City Hall
604 W Fairmont Pkwy
Phone: 281-471-5020
La Porte City Parks & Rec
1322 S Broadway St
Phone: 281-470-7275
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